Elements Show

When a friend asked if I’d contribute an element themed piece into his Art After Dark show, I asked if I could have water.

Even though most of the folks reading this blog know why I would choose water, I’ll go ahead and list my reasons for those of you who don’t know me:

  • I grew up with a pool in the backyard, therefore I could swim before I could walk
  • I participated in speed swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo (played polo until the day I graduated college)
  • The pool (water) is my happy place
  • I’m pretty sure I’m part fish and need water (chlorinated water is preferable) to survive

So, I thought coming up with a piece for this show would be cake. I thought wrong. Turns out I have so many memories, so much emotion tied to water that narrowing down a subject, a concept, a focus was… difficult.

I changed my mind at least 3 times and still, I’m not 100% in love with my piece.

So I’m sharing with you a very small detail – you’ll either have to wait for a future post in which I uncover the entire piece, or come to 968 Monterey St. downtown San Luis Obispo tonight between 6 & 9pm during Art After Dark to judge my interpretation of water. The other wonderful artists who will represent earth, wind, and fire are Dominic Tartaglia, Brandon Collins, and Carolyn Berg.

“Water” detail


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