Hanging at Joebella

If you’re in SLO County, swing by Joebella’s new location in Atascadero to see my art work this month! Primarily my “Good Book” series of fashion illustrations in Prismacolor pencil are hanging – but I’ll also have a painting or two up.

If you could care less about my art (then you probably aren’t reading my blog…) and happen to be all about the roast, then swing by Joebella for their seriously delicious coffee. I recommend the “Cafe Miel” which is the fancy way of saying “cinnamon honey latte.” YUM.




Style Your Sole

Back in December I was asked to be one of the local artists to paint on TOMS shoes at Coalition, a SLO skate shop. The event was called “Style Your Sole.” I had so much fun coming up with designs that in theory would only take me 10 minutes to complete.

My "girl" designs for "Style Your Sole"

My “girl” designs for “Style Your Sole”

Check out this time lapse video my number one fan created for me!

Hard at work!

Hard at work!

Thanks Coalition and TOMS – I had a blast!


Mustard is My Favorite

Every year I look forward to the fall season when I can wear that deep golden mustard hue. That is why my 5 minute sketch turned into a 25 minute sketch – I had to add color! Too bad Sharpie doesn’t make a “mustard” color marker…

Sharpie marker on paper

Winter is Coming

Best be prepared. Why not in this adorable jacket?

ink on paper – 5 minute sketch

Since my day job is keeping me super busy this month and I don’t have any shows or time to create big projects. I thought I’d attempt some 5 minute sketches. Enjoy!

Elements Show: Fire

The last and final element I’ll represent for the Essential Elements show during Art After Dark is fire.

I wanted to do a “girl-on-fire” but without creating fan art for the Hunger Games (even though I love me some HG, I don’t do fan art). I created three of these fashion ladies with a fire shadow using acrylic paint on paper.


If you’d like to see all three paintings please come to Tartaglia Realty located at 968 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo, CA this Friday, October 5th during Art After Dark!

Open Studios Art Tour Catalog

Here’s my excuse for being an absent art blogger for the last month and a half….

The Open Studios Art Tour is a program of ARTS Obispo. If you can make it to San Luis Obispo County, California on October 13/14 or October 20/21 I highly recommend this wonderful event. Over 230 local artists open their private studios to show the public a behind the scenes perspective. Visitors learn how and why SLO County artists create art directly from the artists.
As Program Director of ARTS Obispo – this is why I’ve been so busy for the past month an a half, neglecting my own artwork and blogging duties. Enjoy the catalog (designed by the amazing Kara Suzuki of We3 Graphic Design Studio)!

Elements Show: Wind

Water, Earth, and now WIND!

I’ve been on a time crunch, due to 7 visitors over the last two months, so I hadn’t thought too much about what or how I was going to depict wind for the “Essential Elements” Show.  I came up with this fashion illustration:


If you’d like to see this acrylic painting on paper please come to Tartaglia Realty located at 968 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo, CA tonight (August 3) during Art After Dark!

Local “Virgin”

I am submitting a “Virgin” for a show titled ““Buddha and the Virgin – Together At Last” at a gallery here in San Luis Obispo called Heaven and Earth. The show is opening this Friday, August 3 during Art After Dark.

I was going to do this whole take on a local “Extra Virgin” olive oil – since there are so many olive oil farms here – but alas – my schedule this month did not permit much creative/studio time, so I decided to revive a painting I began 2 years ago.


I’ll have to post a non-instagram version of the painting at a later time – or you can swing by the Heaven and Earth Gallery (964 Chorro St.) if you’re in SLO this Friday night! I’ll also be showing “Wind” at Tartaglia Realty (post to follow).

I completed the painting below (“Virgin Undone”) first – thinking it could be my “virgin” – but I ended up submitting “Curious” instead.

“Virgin Undone”

The Earth Without Art

So you know how I had the element “water” for that Elements Show last month? Well – apparently we are rotating elements for the May, June, July, August Art After Dark‘s (First Friday Art Walk in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA).

June = EARTH.

First let me say that May has gone by in the blink of an eye. The June 1st deadline for EARTH has come way too fast.

I’ve completed three illustrations for the June 1st show of Elements. The first evolved from the desire to represent Mother Nature/Mother Earth in some form. The other two are the first of a new series inspired by a poster I saw on Pinterest and posted here. I guess the theme I chose is not the first thing a normal person would think of when they think “element – earth” – but being an artist/arts administrator I’m pretty partial to having art on earth. Unfortunately the arts are being cut out of public education… that’s perhaps a topic for a different post…. I hope you like them!

If you’re in San Luis Obispo County this Friday, June 1st head to downtown SLO to Tartaglia Realty (968 Monterey St.) to see these and the other “Elements” in person!

“Mother Nature in Amour”

“The EARTH Without ART Is Just EH – 1”

“The EARTH Without ART Is Just EH – 2”

Elements Show: Update

Remember in my last post how I said I changed my mind a few times before deciding upon a piece to represent water in an Essential Elements show?

Well, I’ve been staring at my three options all day… and for the moment… I think I’m going to choose this one:

detail of new “Water” choice… although I’ll probably change my mind again before 6pm